Aerodiagnostics & Probiotic Triple Therapy Bundle

This specialty bundle has been designed for patients who are participating in our enhanced data collection of the Aerodiagnostics SIBO breath test and its treatment with Probiotic Triple Therapy. You will be receiving not only cutting edge testing and treatment, but also additional assessment of your symptoms. 

It includes:

  • 2 Aerodiagnostics breath tests for the cost of one test
  • 2 boxes of our Triple Therapy Probiotic all-In-one powder sticks at 5% off the retail cost

NOTE: These discounts have automatically been applied to the bundle price below and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Here is a reminder overview of the next steps.

1. Place your order above

2. Schedule a follow up for 10 weeks from now.

This provides you 1 weeks to get everything in the mail and to perform your baseline test. Then 6 weeks to be on the probiotics. Plus 1 week to perform retesting and allows 2 weeks for that test to be processed.

3. Perform 1 test now, to obtain a baseline.

The other will be used once you have finished your Probiotic Triple Therapy.

4. Then, start on Probiotic Triple Therapy and stay on this for 6 weeks

Our office will follow up with you to check in about 3 weeks from now, after you have been on the probiotics for about 2 weeks.

5. Once you have completed 6 weeks on the probiotics stop them.

Wait a couple days and then perform the 2nd SIBO breath test within roughly 1 week of stopping the probiotics.

6. Perform a follow up visit with our office 10 weeks from now.

Aerodiagnostics SIBO Breath Test

This newly released test is novel because it assesses hydrogen, methane, and now for the first time, hydrogen sulfide, thus giving us a more complete view of bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. 

Probiotics Triple Therapy

This formula is a cutting-edge application of probiotics developed by Dr. Ruscio.  Clinically, this approach has been far more effective than traditional probiotic protocols and we are excited to now be scientifically documenting this effect. 

It is very important to do your best to comply with the provided recommendations, follow up assessment forms and retesting. This data will help us better understand your response and further tailor future treatments to meet your needs.