Moisture Treatment Cream for Menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, insomnia, low sex drive when you choose not to include an estrogen. Progonol is a Phyto-Progesterone transdermal cream containing 40 mg of progesterone per 1/2 tsp. This creme is paraben-free and contains no estogen. A great alernative for those women who do not like to take pills. May be used by mestruating women for PMS related symptoms as well as peri-menopausal symptoms when progestreone supplementation is desired without additional estrogen. USA sales only. This product cannot ship internationally.

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Suggested Use

Suggested Use: Apply 1/4 tsp., every 12 hours, rub into the skin. The best places to apply are the inner aspects of the arms, the face and neck, upper chest, or behind the knees. Be sure to alternate sites on the body to keep receptor sites active. Use 26-28 days per month. For insomnia, rub on the back of your neck and all over your face when you awake in the middle of the night. You should fall back to sleep within 20 minutes. Great for low sex drive.

For PMS: Directions as an herbal cream for young and middle aged women who are still menstruating who are experiencing anxiety, mood swings, feeling like you are jumping out of your skin, eating binges, anger outbursts, mood swings, making "mountains out of molehills", breast tenderness: Count the first day of your period as Day 1. On Day 12 thru Day 26, use 1/4 tsp., every twelve hours. Rub into skin as above.

Product Facts

Precautions: Please consult your healthcare practitioner.  

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