Heavy Metal Testing Bundle

Heavy Metal Testing Bundle

Heavy Metal Testing Bundle

Doctors Data Urine Toxic Metals paired with LabCorp Heavy Metal Panel

Paired Heavy Metal Testing Instructions

  • To accurately measure heavy metals we recommend both a blood and a urine test because certain metals are better found in the urine, and others in the blood. It is recommended that you have your blood drawn the same day that you collect your urine sample, but if this is too difficult, then it is okay to space out the collection. 

    • Don’t eat seafood for 48 hours prior to these tests.

    • The urine test will be shipped to you from Doctors Data and should arrive within 5 business days. Collect your sample first thing when you wake up, then ship via FedEx. 

      • On the form please fill in the date your sample was collected, and for "Collection Period" please select "Random - First morning void." 

      • If you urinate frequently during the night and worry that you may not have to urinate when you wake then simply collect any sample after you’ve been sleeping. 

    • Have the blood work completed while fasting (don't eat after dinner the night before).

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